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Linked Learning in LAUSD

The vision of LAUSD’s Career Technical Education and Linked Learning department is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to access a high-quality, industry-relevant career pathway with an interdisciplinary program of study that connects experiences at every level of education, elementary through post-secondary and career readiness. 
Career Technical Education and Linked Learning pathway students will be adaptable, open-minded, effective communicators and advocates for self and others.
The mission of LAUSD’s Career Technical Education and Linked Learning Department is to:
  • Design and implement programs of study with high-quality CTE curriculum and industry-recognized certifications
  • Equip students with the necessary technical and academic competencies to thrive in both post-secondary education and their chosen careers
  • Incorporate equivalent dual enrollment CTE courses during the school day that lead to a certificate or degree
  • Engage students in the world of work through work-based learning opportunities, including career exploration, financial literacy, job shadows, work readiness, mentorships, and internships
  • Contextualize learning through industry-relevant interdisciplinary project-based units
  • Embed career technical student leadership development into pathway programs
  • Spark students’ interests in an array of enriching career technical education experiences that prepare them for a future in a diverse global society
What is Linked Learning?
The Linked Learning Approach
LA Unified Linked Learning pathways adopt an integrated approach to teaching and learning that blurs the traditional lines between school, career, and civic life. Each pathway customizes this approach to meet its school community's unique context and needs. What they share in common is the integration of the four crucial elements of Linked Learning:
  • Rigorous Academics
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Career Technical Education
  • Integrated Student Support
Getting to Certification
The Linked Learning Alliance uses research-based and practice-tested standards and independent evaluation to certify high-quality college and career pathways. Certification recognizes Linked Learning pathways that demonstrate high-quality integration of rigorous academics, career technical education, work-based learning, and comprehensive student supports.
CTE Linked Learning Administrator
Esther Dabagyan
Linked Learning Director
Susan Canjura
Linked Learning Coaches
Jordan Gonzalez
Jennifer Nikopoulos
Andres Reconco
Dora Marquez
Ericka Stockwell
Annie Simons
Work-Based Learning Coordinators
Kimberly Frelow
Evelyn Payan
Joanna Reese
Helene Sparangis
Nicole Taylor
Roberta Vann
David Youmara