The vision of LAUSD’s Career Technical Education and Linked Learning department is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to access a high-quality, industry-relevant career pathway with an interdisciplinary program of study that connects experiences at every level of education, elementary through post-secondary and career readiness. 
Career Technical Education and Linked Learning pathway students will be adaptable, open-minded, effective communicators and advocates for self and others.
The mission of LAUSD’s Career Technical Education and Linked Learning Department is to:
  • Design and implement programs of study with high quality CTE curriculum and industry recognized certifications
  • Equip students with the necessary technical and academic competencies to thrive in both post-secondary education and their chosen careers
  • Incorporate equivalent dual enrollment CTE courses during the school day that lead to a certificate or degree
  • Engage students in the world of work through work based learning opportunities, including career exploration, financial literacy, job shadows, work readiness, mentorships, and internships
  • Contextualize learning through industry relevant interdisciplinary project-based units
  • Embed career technical student leadership development into pathway programs
  • Spark students’ interests in an array of enriching career technical education experiences that prepare them for a future in a diverse global society
CTE Linked Learning Administrator
Esther Dabagyan
CTE Coordinator
Seema Puri
CTE Specialist
Judy De La Torre
Michael Golden
CTE Advisors
Elizabeth Avalos
Jose Castillo
Pat Cervantes
Pedro Martinez
Karen Navarrete
Brandon Thrasher
Norma Zaldate
New Teacher Support Team
Dr. Donna Lewis
CTEIG Coordinator/CTE Vacancies
Andrea LaShea Elkouby
Azin Ghourchian
Rockell Stiles

Agriculture and Natural Resources

  •  Agriscience 

  •  Animal Science

  • Ornamental Horticulture

  • Plant and Soil Science

Arts, Media, and Entertainment

  • Design, Visual, and Media Arts

  • Performing Arts

  • Production and Managerial Arts

Building and Construction Trades

  • Cabinetry, Millwork, and Woodworking

  • Engineering and Heavy Construction

  • Residential and Commercial Construction

Business and Finance

  • Business Management

  • Financial Services

  • International Business

Education, Child Development, and Family Services

  • Child Development

  • Consumer Services

  • Education

  • Family and Human Services

Energy, Environment, and Utilities

  • Environmental Resources

  • Energy and Power Technology

  • Telecommunications

Engineering and Architecture

  • Architectural Design

  • Engineering Design

Fashion and Interior Design

  • Interior Design

  • Personal Services

Health Science and Medical Technology

  • Biotechnology

  • Patient Care

  • Healthcare Administrative Services

  • Healthcare Operational Support Services

Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

  • Food Science

  • Dietetics and Nutrition

  • Food Service and Hospitality

  • Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation

Information and Communication Technologies 

  • Information and Support Services

  • Networking

  • Software and Systems Development

  • Games and Simulation

Manufacturing and Product Development

  • Graphic Production Technologies

  • Machining and Forming Technologies

  • Welding and Materials Joining

  • Production Innovation and Design

Marketing Sales and Service

  • Marketing

  • Professional Sales

  • Entrepreneurship/Self Employment

Public Services

  • Public Safety

  • Legal Practices

  • Emergency Response


  • Operations

  • Structural Repair and Refinishing 

  • System and Diagnostics Service