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All Linked Learning Pathways

L.A. Unified is proud to recognize a growing list of 70+ Linked Learning Pathways. All pathways share a commitment to providing families with a high-quality education that integrates rigorous academics, career technical education, work-based learning, and comprehensive student supports. Explore all of L.A. Unified's Linked Learning Pathways below:


Linked Learning High School PATHWAYS

(Grades 9-12)

Bell High School - Arts Language Performance Humanities Academy (ALPHA)

Bernstein High School CACT Magnet (Information and Communication Technologies, Production and Managerial Arts)

Boyle Heights STEM Magnet High School  (Engineering and Design)

Bravo Medical Magnet High School (Patient Care)  

Carson High School (Environment Science, Engineering, and Technology (ESET); Global Business, Law, and Government; Performance, Art, Media & Communications Academy (PAMA); Production and Managerial Arts (M.E.D.IA.)

Cesar E. Chavez Learning Academies: Technology Preparatory Academy (TPA) (Networking)

Chatsworth Charter High School G-STEAM Magnet (Software and Systems Development)

Cleveland Charter High School - Global Media Studies Magnet (GMS) (Production and Managerial Arts)

Contreras Learning Complex - School of Business and Tourism, (Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation, Entrepreneurship); Los Angeles School of Global Studies (Design Visual and Media Arts)



Dymally High School - Biotech Sciences Magnet (Biotechnology)

Fremont High School - School of Global and Media Arts (SGMA) (Design Visual and Media Arts); Medical Science Academy (MSA) (Patient Care); Law and Social Justice (LSJ) (Legal Practices); STEAM Magnet (Engineering Design)


Gardena Senior High School - Creative Arts Academy (CAA) (Production and Managerial Arts); Medical Services Academy (MSA) (Patient Care); Global Business Magnet (GBM) (Entrepreneurship); Engineering Robotics Magnet (Engineering Design)

Hawkins High School - Critical Design & Gaming School (C:\DAGS) (Software and Systems Development); Performing Arts, Community Health Advocates Schools (CHAS) (Patient Care); Business Management

Highland Park Continuation High School (Education)

Hollywood High School - New Media Academy (NMA) (Production and Managerial Arts, Animation); Teaching Career Academy (TCA) (Child Development)

Marquez High School - Huntington Park Institute for Applied Medicine (HPIAM) (Biotechnology and Patient Care)

Manual Arts High School - School for Medicine, Arts & Technology (SMART) (Biotechnology, Patient Care); School of Business, Education, Service and Technology (BEST) (Business Management)

Metropolitan High School (Design Visual and Media Arts) 

 Orthopaedic Hospital Medical Magnet High School - Biotechnology

Reseda Charter High School Arts, Media and Entertainment Magnet AMEM (Production and Managerial Arts); Biotechnology

RFK Community Schools - School for the Visual Arts and Humanities (SVAH) (Design Visual and Media Arts)

RFK Community Schools - Los Angeles High School of the Arts (LAHSA) (Performing Arts, Production and Managerial Arts)

Roosevelt High School - Medical and Health Sciences (Biotechnology); Law Academy (Legal Practices); STEAM (Information Support Services); Academy of Music and Digital Production (AMDP)

Roybal Learning Center - Film and Television Magnet (FTVM) (Production and Managerial Arts) 

STEM Academy of Hollywood (Biotechnology, Engineering Design, Software and Systems Development)

Sylmar Biotech Health and Engineering Magnet (Biotechnology, Patient Care, Engineering Design)

Torres High School - East LA Performing Arts Magnet (ELAPA) (Performing Arts)

University Pathways Medical Magnet (UMED) (Patient Care)

University Pathways Public Service Academy ()

Venice High School - STEMM Magnet (Engineering Design)

West Adams Prep High School - Culinary Arts (Food Service and Hospitality), STEM Academy (Engineering Design), Public Service (Public Safety)



Linked Learning Elementary School Pathways

(Grades K-5/6)


Linked Learning Span School Pathways

(K-8, 6-12)